History Minor Requirements

The History Department also offers a minor in History. In order to receive a minor, students must take 28 units (7 courses), including:

  1. At least one World History course and at least one other lower-division course.
  2. At least three courses in one of the following areas of concentration:
    • Ancient and Medieval
    • Europe
    • United States
    • Latin America
    • Asia, Africa, and the Middle East
    • History of Science and Technology
  3. At least two courses from two of the above fields, one in each.

Students who choose United States as their area of concentration are strongly advised to take HIST 017A, HIST 017B as preparation for upper-division courses in American history.

Lower-division courses taken elsewhere may be counted toward the lower-division requirement and advance placement units earned in high school may count toward its fulfillment as well. Please consult with the academic advisor for further details.

Students undertaking a minor in History are urged to consult with the academic advisor for quarterly advising and meet with the Undergraduate Advisor at least once a year. Appointments can be made through the academic advisor.

Please consult the UCR General Catalog for additional information.