Brian D. Lloyd
Associate Professor of History
Ph.D. University of Michigan, 1991

Areas of specialization: U.S. cultural and intellectual history and the history of American radicalism

(951) 827-1871


After receiving his B.A. (West Virginia University, 1976), Brian Lloyd pursued a career as a songwriter and musician. The tedium of working low rent night clubs and minimum wage day jobs eventually brought him to his senses, whereupon he returned to academia for graduate studies at the University of Michigan. He earned his Ph.D. in American Culture in 1991. He is the author of Left Out: Pragmatism, Exceptionalism, and the Poverty of American Marxism, 1900-1922 (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1997) and assorted articles on American radicalism. He is now engaged in a study of the interplay between political aspirations and aesthetic designs in 1960s rock'n'roll.