Kenneth D. Barkin
Professor of History
Ph.D., Brown University, 1965

Areas of specialization: modern European history, especially Wilhelmian Germany

(951) 827-1994


Kenneth Barkin was born and raised in Brooklyn before gentrification set in. Its proper characterization in the forties and fifties would have been urban vernacular. He majored in history at Brooklyn College and went on to Brown University where he wrote his dissertation on German economic history under the tutelage of Klaus Epstein. It was later published by the University of Chicago Press under the title: The Controversy over German Industrialization, 1890-1902. He has been at Riverside since 1968. His published articles have appeared in The Journal of Modern History, Central European History, German Studies Review, and Geschichte und Gesellschaft. He has twice been awarded prizes by the Conference Group for Central European History (1970, 1984) for the best article in German history over a two year period. His main area of teaching and research is modern German history although he has made a foray into material culture by teaching a course on "Everyday Things, 1750-1920," and curating five exhibitions including one at the Long Beach Museum of Art. He was the editor of Central European History from 1991 to 2004. His last article on WEB Du Bois was published in The Journal of African American Historyin 2011.