The History M.A. Program

The M.A. degree in History provides strong background for careers in professions such as teaching, government and journalism. Many Ph.D. students choose to complete an M.A. as preparation for the Ph.D. program. (See also: The Public History Program M.A.)

Requirements for the regular M.A. degree:

  • Take a minimum of 40 units of required course work. At least 32 of the required units must be in graduate courses, including a two-quarter research seminar. All students are required to take a graduate course in historical methodology and reading seminars.
  • Demonstrate an ability to read one foreign language. Students should expect to do this in their first year since many research seminars use sources written in other languages. The History Department considers foreign language competency a serious matter and students should be aware of this when they apply.
  • M.A. students may present and discuss a portfolio, including a substantive research paper (normally developed from work in a research seminar), and pass a comprehensive oral examination in their area of specialization.
  • Areas of specialization include:

    • Native American
    • Ancient Mediterranean
    • European (with concentration in Early Modern Europe, Modern Europe, Britain, or Russia)
    • Latin American
    • Southeast Asia

  • Or M.A. students may submit a thesis instead of the portfolio, and pass an oral examination as well.

Upon completion of the requirements for the M.A. degree, the History Department will judge whether the student is to be admitted into the Ph.D. program.

For detailed requirements please consult the UCR General Catalog.